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Sleep Out: A global movement to end youth homelessness.

Give up your bed for one night to ensure that youth facing homelessness sleep safely at Covenant House.


Sleep Out is an experience.

One that will expand your worldview, introduce you to heroes, and inspire your community.

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Sleep Out makes a meaningful impact.

Why Sleep Out?

Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. We Sleep Out to show our solidarity with those who are — and to let the world know about the ever-growing population of young people who face homelessness.

There's more to Sleep Out than a night without a bed. Sleep Out raises critical funds to help Covenant House provide 24/7 shelter, sanctuary, and support to youth overcoming homelessness. And the experience includes opportunities to learn from experts, hear inspiring stories, and advocate for a future where everyone has a safe place to sleep.

How It Works

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Sleep Out brings communities together for a night of conversation, contemplation, education, and story sharing.

In a time when many of us are seeking connection, Sleep Out offers an opportunity for safe, meaningful interactions.

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Sleep Out builds community.

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