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Why Sleep Out?

Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. 

4.2 million youth face homelessness every year. Each of them has a story, a dream, and a future — one that they can build with the support and care from staff at Covenant House.

Sleep Out participants advocate for these futures. Our community of companies, students, young professionals, executives, influencers, families, and individuals have given up their beds for more than 33,000 nights to ensure that young people can sleep safely at Covenant House. 



Sleep Out fundraising is a lifeline for youth facing homelessness.

Over the last ten years, Sleepers have raised more than $90 million to house, care for, and empower young people overcoming homelessness at Covenant House. In that same time, we opened six new shelters and expanded services to reach more than 2,000 young people each night.

how it works


COVID-19 did not close Covenant House.

When the world closed under the threat of coronavirus, Covenant House remained open for young people in need of shelter and safety. Our team leapt into action:

As housing has become healthcare and rates of unemployment and homelessness continue to rise, the care that Covenant House provides has never been more critical.

What remains the same? That every young person deserves a safe place to sleep and space to dream.