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What do past Sleepers have to say about their experience?

Let's find out!

"I love Sleep Out because you get to meet the Covenant House kids, so ‘homeless youth’ are no longer the distant, camouflaged strangers we too often pass on the streets. It just changes your worldview. It can’t not.”

- AUDRA MCDONALD, 9-time sleeper

The Gilded Age, Rustin, Ohio State Murders


“Sleep Out is intense, wonderfully eye opening, and immensely special. It isn’t about pretending to be homeless. It’s about gathering to hear the stories of these young people and witnessing the work of the Cov staff members. It’s about giving up the comfort of your bed for one night in solidarity with homeless & sexually trafficked youth in order to say 'we see you'.”

-Ariana DeBose, 6-Time Sleeper

Wish, West Side Story, Hamilton


“My life was profoundly changed by my first Sleep Out. I was 23 years old and in the earlier days of my career. I met a young man who was also 23 at the time. We were sitting across from each other and I was really struck at the idea that, with such a few small shifts in circumstance, we could be sitting on the opposite side of the table."

- RACHEL BROSNAHAN, 11-time sleeper

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


“Sleep Out is a small challenge. It’s sweaty. It’s a little noisy. It’s buggy. But it is not homelessness. It’s an act of solidarity. It’s an exercise in perspective, and also in connection. That’s what I experienced as I bonded with these kids, with the generous and skilled Covenant House staff, and with my peers. Covenant House empowers me to find my place, use my voice, and give back.”

-RUTHIE FIERBERG, 6-Time Sleeper

Executive Editor, Broadway News


“It’s a difficult thing, to ask your friends and family for money for a cause. At first, I found it kind of scary and hard. But once you get behind the cause, I would do anything, and I would ask anyone.”

- CLAYBOURNE ELDER, 6-time sleeper

The Gilded Age, Company


“I organize a team of casting professionals and friends every year for Sleep Out. It’s a way to represent all of the good our community stands for.”

-KARLEE FOMALONT, 6-Time Sleeper

Casting Director, Rori Bergman Casting


“The Broadway and entertainment communities are our biggest champions. The unity they display when they come together in solidarity on this night shows how dedicated they are to ending youth homelessness. Their love is oxygen to young people at Covenant House.”

- KEVIN RYAN, 16-time sleeper

Producer, The Outsiders, Suffs, Cabaret
Former President & CEO, Covenant House International


“There’s no better way than participating in Sleep Out to expand your empathy when it comes to homelessness. You can read all the articles you want, you can donate all you want, but until you actually meet and listen to people who have experienced homelessness and who are actively working to end it, I don’t think you can fully grasp its nuances and complexities.” 

-MILES G. JACKSON, 4-Time Sleeper

Stargazers, Problemista, The Other Two​


"My first Sleep Out really did change my life."

- Angela Grovey, 6-time sleeper

Executive Director, Broadway Inspirational Voices


“At the very first Sleep Out, in the courtyard of Covenant House, somebody started singing 'Lean on Me.' Just this impromptu singing. And the kids came to their windows. For me, it was such a symbolic moment: you sleep quiet in your bed, we got you. You stand on our shoulders, we’ll protect you. We’ll do all that we can for you.”


Newsies, Fame Becomes Me, The Wiz Live!​


“As I listened to [Covenant House] kids tell their stories, it redefined what homelessness was to me. I found myself weeping... I think there’s an empathy and a compassion to Broadway. We rise to the occasion!”

- Stephanie J. Block, 8-TIME SLEEPER

Kiss Me, Kate; Into the Woods; The Cher Show

“We’re a loving and spirited crew, so we want to give some of that love back.”

- SEBASTIAN ARCELUS, 6-time sleeper

Into the Woods, Madame Secretary, Wicked


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