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13 years in a row, I have given up the comforts of my house / bed to sleep outside for one night.

The Sleep Out is about so much more than an uncomfortable night's sleep. Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. And, coming together with the Covenant House community, I will stand in solidarity with young people overcoming homelessness.

With the increase in gun violence in our city we've seen more youth turning to our shelter as a safe place.

Over the 12 years I've been doing this (rained 2x, snowed 2x) I'm hoping for mild :) I've met youth who have gone form homlessness to college grads, I've also seen youth struggle to get their lives on the right path for years to only be lost to the streets. 

I've heard stories from mothers who were at the shelter at one point and continue to bring their kids back for Christmas b/c the staff at "the cov" have become their family more than some of their parents. They know their kids will get a toy or two if they can't afford it right now. I'm telling you working with the staff and the youth at the covenant house has completely given me a whole new perspective on how people end up in the positions they are in and the importance of places like the Cov.

Covenant House is open 24/7 for young people in need of safe shelter, warm meals, education opportunities, job training, medical services, mental health and substance use counseling, and legal aid. You can be part of the solution for youth overcoming homelessness by making a donation to my Sleep Out.