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Youth Voices

Every night, about 2,000 young people will go to sleep in a Covenant House bed. 

Each one of these young people has a unique journey and story to tell. And to be honest, being homeless is the least interesting thing about them. At Covenant House, we know that we're just a chapter in a book that they are still writing. We encourage them to write their own futures and celebrate them as the heroes of their own story.

When you Sleep Out and give up your bed, you are helping provide a bed where a young person will rest on their journey to independence. Here are just some of those journeys:  

audrey's story


chyna'S STORY



Tais & Max's Story

Lajada's Story


Melvin's Story


Gia's Story


Carolina & Angelyss' Story


DeeDee's Story

Ann's Story


Sarah & Aayden's Story

Out of respect for the privacy of our young people, their name and/or photo may be replaced with an alias and/or model.