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There are three easy steps to join a Sleep Out. For questions on any step, email [email protected].

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Sleeper Testimonials

Ruthie Fierberg, 6-time Sleeper

“We sleep outside in sleeping bags, guarded by security, in a clean, rat-free parking lot…None of this is akin to the foodless, bathroom-less, blanket-less, dirty, unsafe, lonely reality of living on the street—even for a single night. Instead, we took stock of our privilege. We began to feel grateful for base needs and tiny conveniences…True, Sleep Out isn’t a first-hand experience. It’s a symbol and a tool.

Sleep Out forced me and those in my social media network to confront facts about youth homelessness in America because of my fundraising goal: 1,554 Facebook friends, 1,200 Twitter and Instagram followers, and over 75 email recipients became aware of the youth homeless crisis and the work of Covenant House because I joined a Sleep Out… That’s what Sleep Out is. It’s a moment of action, a symbol, a gesture, a cry, that will incite more action. In a world where we often feel helpless to do good, this is something tangible to move the needle a fraction of an inch.”

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