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Tais & Max' Story

20-year-old Tais celebrated her first Mother’s Day at Covenant House this year with her beautiful one-year-old son, Max.

“I could not stay at home, I just couldn’t. I am not mad about it but I could not stay there. I left and went to another shelter first, and they told me about Covenant House. I believe things happen for a reason and that I was meant to find this place.”

Tais and Max moved into our Mother/Child program with eight other moms and their babies. She was working full-time and going to college at night. And then COVID-19 struck.

“I lost my job, my store had to lay me off,” she said. “I felt like I had made such good progress, and then things went all wrong again. And sheltering in place with Max has really added to the stress.

“But the staff here has been amazing. They’ve given me help with my online college classes, and we have activities and games for Max and the other babies. We’re not alone, we have a family to support us, that makes so much difference.

“I remember my first day walking through the doors of Covenant House, I was crying and so afraid,” says Tais. “But everyone just started asking how they could help. And that has never stopped.”

It has not been an easy road for Tais. She has been a victim of domestic violence, and judged by people who know nothing about her past. “It’s hard to hear people say that Max needs a father, when I know how hard I am working to give Max a good life,” she says.

“That is another reason I really appreciate Covenant House,” says Tais. “The staff here are not here to judge me. They are here to help, and that gives me a lot of strength to get through tough times like this virus emergency.

“It has been a hard path, but from my first day here, I have been learning that if you are ready to help yourself, all the opportunities are here. I am very grateful to spend my first Mother’s Day with my family here at Covenant House.”

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