Offline Fundraising

There are many ways you can take your Sleep Out campaign offline and directly to donors - below are just a few of our favorites.

Remember, if you receive cash or check donations, you can add them to your page from your Participant Dashboard, via the “Donations” icon. Then, you can either bring the donations with you to the Sleep Out or mail them to your local Covenant House office (be sure to include your name in a note or the Memo line!). 

Put Purpose to Your Passion

Organize a fun activity (like an exercise class, sporting event, poker tournament, concert, or bake-off) and include a suggested donation amount or pay-to-play donation in the invite.

Office Altruism

Fundraise at work! Plan an office-wide breakfast or lunch and collect suggested donations to be part of the fun. If you’re a supervisor, offer an incentive to co-workers who donate to your page.

Take it a step further and find out who your liaison for community outreach is (or talk to Human Resources) and ask if your company can or will provide matching donations. If they do, spread the word around the watercooler! It’s an easy way to double your coworkers’ gifts. 

Finally, ask your company to consider sponsoring Sleep Out or making a corporate gift in support of your efforts.

Challenge Yourself

See ya later, lattes! Give up your fancy coffee drink or another treat leading up to Sleep Out and donate the money you save to your campaign - encourage others to join you!

Selfless Celebrations

Celebrating a holiday, birthday, or other milestone during your Sleep Out campaign? Consider asking for a donation to your Sleep Out page in lieu of gifts this year.

Throw a Fund-rager!

Connect with a local bar or restaurant (or host your own) happy hour fundraiser. Collect suggested donations at the door, have a raffle, and ask if a portion of the night’s proceeds can be donated to your page.

The Daily Grind

Get creative to find other ways you could incorporate Sleep Out into your daily routines. Post an ask around your building, at the gym, or on that Slack chain or group text that’s always buzzing. It’s the little, normal activities that can become surprisingly special when you add a Sleep Out ask.

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