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How would you shelter in place if you didn’t have a home?

For thousands of young people facing homelessness during COVID-19, the answer is Covenant House.

Covenant House is open 24/7 for young people in need of safe shelter, warm meals, education opportunities, job training, medical services, mental health and substance use counseling, and legal aid.

Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep, especially in a time when housing is healthcare. On November 19, thousands of people across North America will give up their beds for one night to ensure that youth facing homelessness can sleep safely at Covenant House.

The Sleep Out brings people together virtually for a night of conversation, contemplation, education, and story sharing. You can Sleep Out from anywhere — a backyard, porch, terrace, garage, kitchen floor, or car, so long as it's safe and legal — and raise urgently-needed funds for Covenant House, spread awareness about the youth homelessness crisis, and send a powerful message of solidarity.



Sign up to Stay In and Sleep Out — virtually. Together, we will remind the world that every young person deserves a safe place to sleep.




Firms across the banking industry are signing on to Sleep Out.

Join your company's team and give up your bed for one night so that youth can sleep safely at Covenant House. Compete with firms across the industry to raise the most funds for young people facing homelessness and earn the title of Sleep Out Banking Industry Challenge Champion!

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