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Our young people deserve our help!

I am hoping you will help!!  I need your support...and most specifically, your $$!  I want to raise at least 5K this year.  

I have been a New Yorker for 40 + years...and homelessness is a harsh reality of our city. Especially when I see young people.  The reality is that most are LGBTQ+ who have been pushed out of their homes and deserted by those that should be protecting them.  So, we have to help our fellow humans!  Covenant House is there for these young people...and they need your help!  They need money to be able to supply those services show some understanding and compassion to young people who need some light in their lives!!

My Sleep Out helps youth facing homelessness find safe shelter and loving care at Covenant House. That care includes essential services like education, job training, medical care, mental health and substance use counseling, and legal aid — everything they need to build independent, sustainable futures.

By supporting my Sleep Out, you are supporting the dreams of young people overcoming homelessness.   

I know you want to help!  And it all adds up!  So...maybe give up that extra coffee for a week...and make a donation! Just know I appreciate all the effort you make to help! Help our world's future generation!


Together, we are working towards a future where every young person has a safe place to sleep.

Thank you.