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I am giving up my bed for one night.

In 2018 I joined Covenant House Texas Sleep Out: Executive Edition in support of Alan Arnold. Alan was a board member and friend who worked tirelessly in support of the mission at Covenant House. That year, Alan's friends came together to create Teams of Our Lady to support Alan's legacy and the Covenant House Mission. This year, I am humbled and honored to serve as Executive Chair.

The Covenant House Texas Sleep Out: Executive Edition is in its 11th year! This unique experience has provided Houston Executives an opportunity to stand together as community leaders to impact the lives of thousands of young people in our city who are vulnerable, unsheltered, trafficked, and at-risk.  You might ask, "Is it possible for Houston Executives to significantly impact youth experiencing homelessness in just one night?" Yes, it is! 

Over the past decade, the number of Executive Sleepers has increased from less than 20 to over 150.  Likewise, the funds raised by this event have increased by 600%, raising nearly $1.25 MM in 2021, which goes directly towards the operating expenses of Covenant House Texas.  Each year, the Sleep Out: Executive Edition has met its goal of increasing awareness of and opportunities for those most in need in our community - homeless youth.  Beyond participation and revenue, it has made corporate leaders more knowledgeable of and empathetic towards an issue that we can work to resolve. 

It is time to unify as Houston Executives, once again, to support those most in need.  This year's Sleep Out: Executive Edition will present multiple opportunities to experience and learn more about the plight of youth facing homelessness - from those who are currently overcoming it, as well as those who have successfully emerged into a stable, productive, successful adulthood. The evening will include the return of our Candlelight Vigil, where all families and community members are welcome, as well as our annual Street Outreach later in the evening. This year, however, we are including additional elements to increase our understanding of the challenges in the system. Knowledge is power.

This year, Executives will:

  1. Hear from current youth residents in breakout groups throughout the evening
  2. Interact with a panel of former Covenant House Texas residents
  3. Engage in “Sleep Talks” (Ted Talk-style breakout sessions)
    1. Human Trafficking
    2. Foster Care System
    3. Mental and Physical Health
    4. HPD and City of Houston

As corporate executives, let's join together again to plant seeds of hope and possibility in the youth of our community, as well as in the minds of those we lead in our daily work.  We are building upon a mission designed to end youth homelessness. We are doing our part to listen, to learn, and to lead. We can make a difference; you can make a difference! 

Please, prayerfully, consider joining the Sleep Out as an Executive Sleeper by committing to raise $5,000 in support of Covenant House Texas (>90% goes directly to services for the youth.). Also, please consider whether your firm/company will serve as a corporate sponsor – starting at $5,000 – to continue to forward the message and mission in our workplaces and community. 

I invite you to join me and support our youth at the ION District on November 17th for a life-changing experience and to make this the most impactful Sleep Out: Executive Edition to date. 

God bless,

Sean Maher

2022 Executive Sleep Out Chair