I'm Sleeping Out...

for the ninth (maybe eighth-I've lost count) consecutive year. This one is for Aunt Marvie, Dad and the childhood home at 86 Waite Street which I cherished for 66 years. 

 "Home" has always been more to me than a structure and roof over one's head. My childhood home was a place of priceless memories shared with several generations of family and treasured friends where we ate amazing food and enjoyed countless belly laughs - usually at our own expense. 

 I have never been homeless, cannot imagine the anguish of homelessness and the Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless.  This year's Sleep Out for me is in gratitude for the gift of always having a home and to show solidarity with the 4.2 million young people who experience homelessness each year.  It’s a decision to sleep on the streets for one night because so many kids remain outside for many years of their lives.

One night can make a difference.

As part of my Sleep Out, I am raising funds and awareness for Covenant House, a shelter for kids experiencing homelessness and trafficking. Covenant House offers these young people so much more than a safe place to sleep - they welcome each kid with absolute respect and unconditional love, and their continuum of care provides essential services to help kids transition from homelessness to independence.

Help me help kids. Make a donation in support of my Sleep Out by clicking the “Support Me” button above.

I can’t do this without you. Thanks for your support!

PS  For my Boston, home town brothers and sisters  - forgive me for agreeing to sleep out in Yankee Stadium.  I thought long and hard about it but the opportunity to support these Covenant House kids prevailed even over my ever-so-fierce Boston Red Sox allegiance.  TY for understanding and supporting my decision.  Go Pats!


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