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Hi friends! I recently posted a personal story on Instagram about growing up in social housing which, contrary to general perception, provided me with a happy, safe and stable foundation from which to plan my life and pursue my dreams. Although times were financially hard, being surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends transformed the narrative. And oftentimes that’s all we need to change our state - a helping hand and a little encouragement. For those less fortunate who are not in receipt of support, protection or help with housing or education from the State/Government/Council or family and friends, is where organisations like Covenant House make a huge impact. Therefore it is with an open heart and willing spirit that I have accepted Covenant House’s challenge, brought to my attention by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel herself Rachel Brosnahan, to spend a night sleeping on the street so homeless kids don’t have to.

The Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. It’s an act of solidarity with the 4.2 million young people who experience homelessness each year. It’s a decision not to stay inside while so many kids remain outside.

One night can make a difference.

As part of my Sleep Out, I am raising funds and awareness for Covenant House, a shelter for kids experiencing homelessness and trafficking. ‘Home’ in whatever form it takes can mean so many different things to different people, but the one unifying aspect is we all need it - it’s that feeling of warmth, reassurance and security. Covenant House offers these young people so much more than a safe place to sleep - they welcome each kid with absolute respect and unconditional love, and their continuum of care provides essential services to help kids transition from homelessness to independence.

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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. {Rumi}

What your donation can do for kids overcoming homelessness at Covenant House:

$50: Three nutritious meals for one resident for one week
$84: A one-month transit pass for a young person commuting to school or work from Covenant House
$100: A full day and night of care for one young person in crisis
$350: Fuel for an outreach van for one week to find and bring youth to safety
$1,000: A comprehensive job readiness workshop for a young person and professional attire for interviews

Thank you for your support!


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