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Sleep Out: Guatemala

Join us on November 16, 2023


One Purpose, One Night


Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep. 

By giving up your bed for a night, you can ensure that victims of sexual violence and human trafficking sleep safely at Covenant House, or La Alianza (ALA), as we are called locally here in Guatemala. 

It's not that they don't have a bed, but in that bed they were abused. As a protective measure, they were taken from their homes and their environments to offer them a safe space at La Alianza. 

Covenant House welcomes each child and young person with love and respect. In addition to a safe haven, children and youth can access nutritious food, clean clothing and essential services such as education, medical care, mental health care, vocational training, legal assistance - all the tools they need to build a better future - at no cost to them. Sleep Out raises the funds that make this possible. 


Sleep Out is more than a night without a bed. At Sleep Out, Covenant House residents share their experiences, dreams and talents. The Covenant team empowers us to advocate in a meaningful way for an end to violence and human trafficking, creating a space for sleepers to connect with each other in a meaningful way. 

Sleep Out offers a unique way to take action on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with women and girls being among the most vulnerable populations. The planned activities will help direct the world's attention to this critical issue and amplify Covenant House's mission in Guatemala: ending violence against women.  

More information about Sleep Out: Guatemala is in the Event Details Section. If you have questions, contact Chris Megargee at [email protected] or 206-775-6424. Thank you!

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