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Young Professional

10 Years of Young Professionals

This year's Sleep Out marks the 10th anniversary of young professionals coming together to give up their beds and raise funds for youth facing homelessness. Since 2013, more than 2,000 Sleepers have raised nearly $4 million to fund the life-saving work at Covenant House New York.

It is a movement that brought forth a new generation of advocates in New York City and beyond, inspiring young professionals across the United States and Canada to start their own Sleep Outs. We are proud to honor the incredible achievements of the last decade.

Our Sleep Out will be hosted by the young professionals who have spearheaded these efforts. We are excited to recognize these leaders and, hopefully, inspire emerging ones.

This will also be our first fully in-person Sleep Out in New York City since the pandemic. We are excited to welcome back all members of our Covenant House family, whether you identify as a young professional or not, and look forward to being in community with each of you.

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Celebrating Our Leaders

Shooting Stars

These young professionals emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic to grow the Sleep Out movement.

Charles Adjakpa
Burke Ashenden
Julia Baldini
Spencer Bartok
Jimmy Beecher
Cat Caro
Ferdinand Chan
Michaela Connolly
Sarah Frauen
Michael Gibbons

Maria Imbett
Libba King
Tom Liederbach
Jason Mack
Caroline Miller
Danielle Mitola
Georgia Mohrbacher
Steven Mountzouris
Lilly Pelton
Cristina Rebello

Grace Renner
Allie Risbridger
Brendan Spinelli
Teague Thackway
Caitlin Turney
Madeline Watson
Sarah Watson
Serena Woodward
Emily Yetzer
Valerie Yuen


North Stars

These young professional leaders have guided the Sleep Out movement for years, with an unwavering commitment to our young people.

Jokebed Amay
Frank Aurichio
Tziona Breitbart
Robbie Brenner
Roger Cappucci
Donald Carey
Chloe Del Prete
Aaron Deutsch
Connor Dunn
Rebecca Fadden
Erin Gaffney
Lindsay Gilder

Spencer Gualdoni
Courtney Hall
Katie Hurley
TJ Illmensee
Connor Jaeger
Tanya JoeJoe
David Kaiser
Lauren Kemp
Max Klein
Molly Ladd
John Lembeck
Charles Lerner
Chris Luick

Dave Memmott
Caroline Peck Love
Kimberly Quintero
Leah Rayburn
Robert Reeder
Jack Riker
Caroline Ryals
Dan Ryan
Claire Rybinski
Kayshree Seshadri
Doug Sifert
T.K. Smith Jr.


Corporate Partners

Recognizing the corporate partners who helped build the young professional Sleep Out movement. 

Bank Of America


Morgan Stanley
NBA Cares

NY Junior League
TAO Cares


The Good News Award

In celebration of the young professional Sleep Out movement, Covenant House is proud to announce a new $10,000 bonus gift for the top fundraising team. Each year, this award will be named after a Sleep Out team that has demonstrated exceptional leadership and fundraising results.

In 2022, the top fundraiser prize will be known as The Good News Award, in recognition of "The Good Newsers" team. First formed in 2017, this group of friends has come together each year since to raise more than $200,000 for youth at Covenant House. Congratulations, thank you, and let the competition begin!

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