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Why Sleep Out

Everybody deserves a safe place to sleep.

Did you know that close to ⅓ of all young people experiencing homelessness across the United States reside in California? In addition to that sobering reality, less than 3% of all shelter beds in California are designated for young people ages 18 to 24. Each of them has a story, a dream, and a future — one that they can build with the support and care from staff at Covenant House California. Sleep Out participants advocate for these futures.

Over the last ten years, and across the Covenant House federation, our community of young professionals, executives, companies,  students, influencers, families, and individuals has given up their beds for more than 33,000 nights to ensure that young people can sleep safely at Covenant House.  Sleepers have raised over $90 Million to house, care for, and empower young people overcoming homelessness, urging us closer to a world where everyone has a safe place to sleep.




Covenant House California is dedicated to serving all youth experiencing homelessness


Covenant House California works hard to ensure that every young person who reaches out to us for support has a safe place to sleep every night. Upon entering our doors, youth overcoming homelessness receive a safe bed, nutritious meals, clean clothing, and access to job training, education, mental health services, and legal aid — programs designed to help them on their journeys to independence.

Covenant House California operates in four counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Alameda, & Santa Clara) but you can Sleep Out from our sites in either Los Angeles or Oakland. The beauty of this fundraiser is that 100% of the money goes directly to serving our young people who call the Cov home. Every dollar raised makes an impact and helps to send a message to these young people – who have so often been ignored – that we care.