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COVID-19 Policy

As always, the safety of our youth, staff, and community is our first priority. After careful consideration, we have implemented the following measures to promote the health and wellbeing of attendees and staff:

  • We will continue to offer remote participation opportunities for participants throughout our fall Sleep Out season. 
  • For the 2021 (Re)Insurance Sleep Out, we will also offer the opportunity to Sleep Out overnight at a location provided by Covenant House. 
  • To attend the overnight portion of the Sleep Out in-person, participants and staff will be required to show proof of vaccination.
  • The in-person portion of the Sleep Out will be held outdoors, with access to clean, indoor bathrooms. Sleepers will be asked to take a temperature, wear masks, and distance themselves from each other when indoors; handwashing stations will also be accessible. 
  • While outdoors, Sleepers will be asked to respect social distancing guidelines and/or wear a mask when interacting with other Sleepers or staff. Sleep spaces will be marked in advance to ensure Sleepers have a safe distance from each other. 
  • In-person programming will be limited, as our front-line staff remain focused on preserving the health and safety of our youth and each other. At this time, youth currently living at Covenant House are not permitted to attend in-person fundraising events like Sleep Out.
  • The voices of our youth remain integral to the spirit of Sleep Out, and their stories will be shared virtually (live, via recorded video, or written). Vaccinated adult alumni of Covenant House may be in attendance.
  • At this time, food will not be served or permitted at the in-person portion of the Sleep Out. Sleepers are welcome to bring water bottles (which will also be provided) and may remove their masks when drinking.
  • We respectfully ask that Sleepers who are experiencing cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms or have recently interacted with someone who has tested positive for COVID participate virtually. 

These policies were determined in accordance with New York State and City regulations as well as federal and CDC guidelines. Covenant House leadership also considered feedback from essential staff at the front-lines of the pandemic and our Sleeper community. 


If Sleepers are not able or willing to adhere to the policies outlined above for in-person participation, we are excited to offer virtual participation options to ensure a meaningful Sleep Out experience from home or a location of your choosing. 


As the situation evolves, so will our approach to keeping our community safe. We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we manage this, and your commitment to the fundamental purpose of Sleep Out: to provide every young person with a safe place to sleep.