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What Covenant House Does

Covenant House empowers young people to overcome homelessness and trafficking by providing them with safe housing, food and clothing, and relentless support.

In 31 cities across the United States, Latin America, and Canada, young people are finding hope, strengthening their resilience, and making progress towards their goals with the help of Covenant House’s continuum of care, which includes job training, education opportunities, legal aid, health care, and mental health counseling as well as birthday parties, movie nights, and community meetings. Through it all, Covenant House is guided by the principles of offering every young person unconditional love and absolute respect.

Through the coronavirus pandemic, Covenant House has remained open for young people with no place left to turn. Essential workers adapted quickly to ensure that Covenant House remained safe, and continue to serve young people 24/7.


How Sleep Out Helps

Many of the young people living at Covenant House have had promises broken their whole lives. But because of the determined efforts of front-line staff and unyielding commitment from supporters like the Sleep Out community, that changes when they walk through our doors.

Sleep Out participants do more than sleep uncomfortably for one night. Our community of fundraisers and advocates helps to keep the lights on and the doors open in 31 cities where young people are welcomed 24/7.