Sleep Out Schedule

The online Sleep Out program will begin at 8pm ET. Registered participants will  join the livestream at, and check your email for the password to enter! and can tune in at any point throughout the night. (Need to register or can't find the password? Let us know.)

Please note the Sleep Out program will broadcast live and times may vary slightly.

Monday, August 24th

8:00pm ET // Welcome to your virtual Sleep Out! Remarks from Rachel Sussman (Sleep Out executive committee) and Covenant House President and CEO Kevin Ryan.

8:15pm ET // Audra McDonald Interviews Carolyn, a Covenant House alumna and mother.

8:30pm ET // Live Update from Covenant House New York, and Q+A with Executive Director Sr. Nancy Downing.

8:40pm ET // Special Appearances from Sleep Out Participants!

8:55pm ET // Youth Homelessness + Human Trafficking, and Q+A with Covenant House's trafficking task force.

  • Parental advisory: this content may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 13.

9:25pm ET // Meet Carlos, a Covenant House California Alumni.

9:40pm ET // Live Update from Casa Alianza in Honduras, with a virtual tour of our shelter in Tegucigalpa and a show-and-tell with young people in the job training program.

10:00pm ET // Interactive Breakout Groups

  • Video and/or phone connection required! Actively participate in conversations or activities in small groups with other Sleep Out participants. 

11:00pm ET // Ariana DeBose Interviews Angelyss, a Covenant House alumni and advocate.

11:15pm ET // Live Update from Covenant House California, and Q+A with Covenant House California's Chief Operating Officer Ami Rowland.

11:30pm ET // Creativity in COVID, a roundtable discussion with young artists living at Covenant House and members of the Broadway Inspirational Voices choir.

11:45pm ET // Closing Reflection

  • Video and/or phone connection required! Actively participate in a reflection on the evening and stories you heard in a small groups with other Sleep Out participants. 

Tuesday, August 25 // 12:15am ET // Special Appearances and Goodnight Singalong with Sleep Out Participants!

12:30am ET // Sleep Out Selfie Mosaic. Before you go to sleep, share a selfie and reflection for our digital mosaic (and maybe post on social media one final time!).

1:00am ET // Optional Team Time. Check with your team captain about connecting with your team before settling in for your night without a bed.

3:00am ET // Optional Late Night Snack + Chat (we recommend a PB&J sandwich). Night owls can rejoin a breakout Zoom room for a "midnight" check-in.

Overnight // Optional Self-Guided Activities

  • Not quite ready or able to go to sleep? No problem. A link to several self-guided activities will be added here. Pick and choose as many as you like. 
Tuesday, August 25th

7:00am ET // Mosaic Reveal + Reflection. 

  • Video and/or phone connection required! Actively participate in a morning reflection and hear stories submitted by Sleep Out participants throughout the night.

7:30am ET // Trauma-Informed Yoga (no yoga experience or equipment required).

8:00am ET // Breakfast Reflection (BYO-Breakfast) 

  • Video and/or phone connection required! Couldn't make it to the earlier reflection or still have more on your mind? Join us for a final morning reflection and share about your night without a bed over breakfast


Questions about your Sleep Out experience?

Call (212) 727-4990 or email [email protected].